Replicate a old project in cold fusion to new Php

Replicate a old project in cold fusion to new Php


Job Description

I need someone to make a copy of the website -
The current website is in cold fusion and we need the new version PHP framework (codeigniter or Zend or any other MVC )
I am attaching a document with additions and further requirements.
Need to start this project immediately.

Thanks Functional Specification Version 2.0 – 8/26/13


The site is a free job search site for the Entertainment industry. Visitors do not have to have a profile, can search by various filters, and respond directly to job listings by either attaching a resume document or completing an online form (URL) provided by the employer.

Employers must have a Company Form completed, then can attach Job Postings to their account. Credit card and Invoice options are offered within the posting form. Job postings for new Companies remain inactive until we approve the account and manually activate from Admin. Postings remain active for 30 days, and can be edited or deactivated by the employer or Admin at any time.

New Company submissions are manually ‘set’ prior to becoming active. This includes creating/uploading the company logo and URL links.

Job Seeker Feature List

Saved Searches: Simple cache of search criteria for job seekers on the Job Search page.

Map Search: Google Maps API used to display job postings on a map grid along with links to the job posting.

SBJ Pro: Paid membership ($35/six months $50/ year or $25 renewal for six months) that allows job-matching notices (Runner), inclusion of the resume in the SBJ Resume Database, and a profile. Our intension is to open this area for FREE and integrate registration with the job response sequence to speed registration process.

Email Cycle: Timed sequence of emails sent to SBJ Pro members that are all triggered from days after the registration date or expiration date. We want to use Benchmark Mail to manage the trigger emails, abandonment emails, and retain the master email list for the site.

Job Seeker Runner (alert): A sequence runs daily that matches SBJ Profile preference settings to job postings for that day, and an email is sent with links to matching jobs. Will convert to an alert layer once we provide a mobile version.

Email Notices: New Company and Job Posting emails are sent to key Administrators and are key for managing site activity and posting details. Job posting confirmations are emailed to Employers after registering and/or posting a job.

Response Tracking: Responses are tracked and reported in the Employer Jobs Dashboard. Resume documents are held and can be referenced in the Response Report.

Featured Job: Premium placement at the top of the Results page along with a small logo in the grid. $50 premium that can be selected within the Job Posting form.

Banner Ads: A third column is on the primary search page that allows for up to two 200 x 200 pixel ads to be placed/rotated. View/click stats are tracked for each. If we can find a 3rd party plug-in to manage this that would be optimal. We need to accommodate more standard ad sizes as part of the redesign and retain the ability to host 3rd party ad-code like Doubleclick.

Please contact for more details