Web site with custom clothes constructor

Web site with custom clothes constructor


Job Description

Dear freelancer!
I need you to create a web site - something like online tailoring shop with constructor of clothes plus with elements of normal internet shop. Please tell me if you are ready to do this, how much it will cost (the technical parts + website design, without drawing the necessary graphical elements like parts of clothing) and how much time do you need to make this site. The main and very important part of site will be clothes constructor. You can see example of what I need here - http://www.iddress.ru/#constructor. I need exactly same functionality. Constructor should be made in Java + HTML5 (not flash).

The main characteristics of the site:
The target audience - girls 22-30 years
Intuitive, easy, "clean" interface, no extra and unnecessary details
Bilingual (Russian + English), the definition version of the site is detected by user IP
Receiving payments by credit cards (Visa, Master card) and Paypal
Registration for users
Possibility of using promo codes during checkout for a discount or free shipping
Possibility of adding video content
Currency calculations on the site - the U.S. dollar, but it would be nice to have a possibility to convert it automatically (detect user’s currency by IP)

Sections of the site:
Blog (with comments, tags, buttons of social networks)
Clothes constructor
Section of regular internet shop with related products (will be divided into sections, but not more then 3-5)
Shipping and payment, with the calculation of shipping costs depending on the type - normal or express - and the user's country (drop-down list)
Text sections: about us, FAQ and etc.
Consider adding online consultant in the future

Main page:
Main information for the customer in small blocks (like information about guarantees, payment, delivery etc.), when user click on the block, he will see all details
The horizontal menu at the top with sections of the site
Big picture-link to custom clothes designer (possibly animated)
Some pictures, links to different sections of the shop

As I see it, constructor need to have few sections with types of clothes (skirts, belts, etc.). When user clicks on section, he will see choice in pictures. And when he will click on a picture, it will appear on a model (it will be drawn). User also can change fabric and it will be changed on a model too.
It is important that some elements can’t be used with others. In this situation unusable elements should become pale.
Changing elements will affect the price (I need user to see how price changes while he changes the elements).
You may see the example of the constructor here - http://www.iddress.ru/#constructor (it’s in Russian, but it’s easy to understand the Idea).
After user have chosen all elements, he may put item in the cart or share it in social networks (buttons!)
It is very important to have an opportunity to increase image of each element and zoom it (something like here - http://www.lovisa.com.au/silver-antique-lace-necklace.html#/?country=AU&state=ACT)
On the same site you can see example of the cart which I want to see on my site (when you put item in the cart, it expands for some moments and user can immediately click “checkout”, but if he doesn’t click - he will stay on the same page).

It should be quite standard - picture of an item, description, quantity, price
Below should be block "you may also like" and pictures of three or four items from the store with name, price and button "add to cart".
I would like to save items in user cart for 7 days before deleting them (and if user is registered - for 30 days).

First Page - taking measurements (+ video instructions) - an example can be seen at this site-http :/ / getwear.com / for this you need to put any product in the shopping cart, select a custom fit and click checkout)
The second page - Shipping and billing information, the choice of the method of delivery and payment + price
The third page - confirm the price (items + shipping), place to enter a promo code (if user enter it - price need to be changed immediately) + payment
After the payment - a popup window with the proposal of registration (if you have not yet registered)

Thank you for your attention!
I would be glad to answer all your additional questions.
Please tell me if you are ready to do this, how much it will cost (the technical parts + website design, without drawing the necessary graphical elements like parts of clothing) and how much time do you need to make this site.

Thank you for your time!

Skills: english, paypal, video, billing

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