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Flash Media Server


Job Description

So we need the help of influxis to understand how we can do this. We will have an RTMP library on the mobile phones to package the content and send to the media server. So I guess there is a unique endpoint on the media server we can use. Each broadcast is unique and stored in our application database. This unique id will allow us to point to the live and recorded broadcast.

Expectations for this all to work...

* Media server can manage the quality of the stream delivered based off of the clients bandwidth
* Be able to record the stream. possibly at multiple bit rates?
* Store recording on amazon cloud or equivalent.
* Send events to the client to indicate that the stream is no longer live...
* Send events back to the client when the stream is established for the broadcaster
* Can we utilize rtmfp for the watchers if on desktops to save on bandwidth?
* Client code for the browser we would need for the broadcaster and the watcher?
* How to manage recordings after the fact. if we want to delete them or similar. is this just an amazon thing?

Skills: amazon

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