Payment Gateway Fix

Payment Gateway Fix


Job Description

We're looking for someone with knowledge of Payment Gateway systems, more specifically Moneybookers / Skrill, and the Magento Moneybookers Module by Phoenix Media.

We most likely need code rewritten in said module. The declared function in the Moneybookers Payment Module for handling payment cancellations and other failures does not seem to work properly. When an order is cancelled, and the user is returned to the merchant website (Magento), Magento processes this as an actual order instead of a cancellation.

This job may involve a bit of troubleshooting the actual cause of the issue to begin with.

The job:

1. Troubleshoot why Moneybookers and/or Magento (Phoenix Media Extension) does not handle payment Cancellations/Failures properly.
2. Code and apply the fix.

Contractor Requirements:

1. Magento Experience (Certification preferred)
2. Payment Gateway Experience (In particular Moneybookers/Skrill preferred)
3. Well versed in PHP

About the company

Our company produces and releases Royalty Free Creative Commons music for New Media Creators, as well as compose and produce custom music for games and other media.

Skills: troubleshooting, games