Android VOIP app - voice latency / call connection problems

Android VOIP app - voice latency / call connection problems


Job Description

I have android app what use voip for calling between registered user. App do not use phone number for contacts, app use usernames stored in database and search function, after finding some user using search you can call him by click on username. On server is installed kamailio for single calls and asterisk for conference calls.


1. App has voice latency 2.5 sec. - 4 sec. and I need decreased latency on same level as Skype.

Worker need to decrease application latency on the same latency as Skype, when app and Skype will be tested and compared on the same network.

2. In app I have also problems with call connections. App usually connect first call and after ending this call next call has no connection, sometime has ring and connection ( voice ) but usually no ring, no connection, no voice. Server is Linux, for single calls we use Kamailio and for conference calls we use asterisk.

Worker need to solve problem so app will have no call conections problems.

3. In app are few other bugs what also have to be solved so app can be sent in Google play store and work for users without problems.