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PROJECT SCOPE: build a website /custom CMS in node.js / that has 30,000,000 pages to start. Site will grow to a final size of 100,000,000 pages.

BUDGET: is up to $5,000 USD. However, the best TEAM with the best quality & price relationship will get this contract. Once we find the correct team you can give us an estimate and we can turn this into an hourly project for your team.

TEAM: ideal team has EXTENSIVE experience on odesk. Must have STRONG feedback score 100s or 1000s of hours, and have documented experience working on very large sites.

SIZE OF SITE: please re-read this. site will start with 30,000,000 pages and will grow to a final size of 100,000,000 pages. your team MUST have experience working on LARGE sites.

SCALABILITY AND TRAFFIC: this thing needs to be built to SCALE and built for FAST load times. Pages need to be able to load in 2 seconds or less. the entire site

HOSTING: the team we hire needs to have experience working with 100% cloud based environments. This entire project will in the cloud. EVERYTHING will be built using a mix of + an CDN.

DATABASE ARCHITECTURE: 30,000,000 pages growing to 100,000,000 pages will require some VERY organized and well researched approaches to database design.

DESIGN & FRONTEND: we will provide you a .psd logo and a .psd . the site is very minimal in its design.

CODE & FRAMEWORKS: we are going after speed and most of this website will be built using Node.js.

This project will be awarded to a SERIOUS team. it is unlikely that 1 single individual can pull this off. we are looking for long term support after the initial build. once again, a TEAM makes this more realistic.

1) Tell me why you feel your team is capable of building a site this large? What are some examples of LARGE & HIGH TRAFFIC sites that you have built in the past.

2) code quality. do you have experience using node.js? you 1000% must
have extensive experience using node.js to get hired!

3) git. do you use git and version your code & development? that is a requirement.

4)please provide a price and time estimate.

5)TEAM. how big is your team? where are you located? if you have a company website, please provide the URL so i can learn about your company and your team.

Skills: cloud-computing

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