Web Designer

Web Designer


Job Description

we are looking for a web designer

we are a photography company that does websites as well

we are a visual branding company that does photography as the entry point, we then often provide, social media assistance, brochure work and web work.

we are looking for a long term relationship. .

our goal is to have

someone help us with our web redesign - for very minimal charge. .

a) we need you to work well with Wordpress and all the important SEO aspects of it.

b) we will give you lots of direction re the graphics aspects

c) we are looking for a long term relationship

d) we would like to see your portfolio as well.

e) we need someone that is available and easy to reach

f) we need someone that follows directions well, and is very careful with details. Our clients are high end professionals so sloppy mistakes are not acceptable.

Skills: graphics

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