Highly Skilled/Experienced IOS Developer Needed

Highly Skilled/Experienced IOS Developer Needed


Job Description


We're looking to create an iPhone/iPad app. The app will be a real-time spaceship simulation. The game allows the player to freely roam a galaxy fighting enemies and upgrading their ship.

We're looking for a developer that can code a very feature-rich and complex game system. If we feel you are the designer for the project, we'll share the entire project details after we have receive a signed NDA.


- Fluent in English. We don't want communication issues.
- An open schedule to work on our project full time.
- Daily report on what was worked on and progress.
- App needs to be sent to us weekly to test on Test Flight so we can test and make sure things are looking good.
- Experience creating multiple games that have been published on the apple platform.
- At least 100 hours billed on Odesk
- Someone that only produces the best work and has a portfolio to back that up

If you can do graphics and/or UI, that is a bonus, but we can also hire a separate graphic designer to work on the graphics portion of the project.

If you feel you are the right developer for our game, please submit examples of apps you have created, preferably that are live in the app store. Also reply with a little bit about yourself and why you feel you are the right developer for this project.

** Please When you reply to this job, start the reply with the phrase "Pew Pew", so I know you're not just auto-applying to my project. If you don't include this message, I'll skip over your application.


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