Online MP3 Player Module in Javascript or

Online MP3 Player Module in Javascript or


Job Description

Looking for a skilled developer to build a UI component which will function as an online MP3 player.
The idea is for the user to provide one mp3 file and then be able to play it using a browser. The user can also mark specific portions of the file to play (like GoldWave).

Note that a possible implementation can be done in jPlayer, but the most important feature is to allow the user to mark which portions to play in the file. Example:
I have one file containing several people saying "hello". As a user, I want to be able to specify portions of each voice:
portion 1 - seconds 00:00-00:09
portion 2 - seconds 00:10-00:15
portion n - seconds 11:05-12:50

The solution can include a ready made component, doesn't have to be built from scratch as long as it fits the following requirements:
- main browsers compatibility
- Javascript / based (JS preferred, any framework)
- Allows the user to select one portion at a time to play
- Programtically exposes the portion the user has selected to play

Please contact me if the description is not clear.