Long-Term Contract for Basic Research, PowerPoint & Writing

Long-Term Contract for Basic Research, PowerPoint & Writing


Job Description

Title: Long-Term Contract for Basic Research, PowerPoint & Writing

We seek a detail-oriented virtual office administrator who has the following:
1. Attention to detail and can conduct basic web research
2. Basic U.S. English writing skills to write short letters or summaries
3. Skilled in MS PowerPoint, Word and Excel
4. You will only considered for this position if you include "Don't Wait. Elevate now." in the Subject Heading and send links of sample works, both WRITING and POWERPOINT
5. Able to commit 10 or more hours weekly if this develops into a long-term contract

If we accept your application, we may first give you a paid Trial Contract for $25 to complete 3 simple tasks. This Trial Contract will be a 48-Hour Challenge and is to make sure that you can follow our instructions and design in our style. After that, we can do a contract with more work. This initial project is to test out your skills and working relationship with the goal to scale to long term work.

If this works, this could lead to a longer-term assignment anywhere between 80-160 hours per month, and this could last for many months.

Samples of your WRITING and POWERPOINTS are a must. We will only consider you if you have a portfolio of your work. Please send us LINKS to your portfolio. Include both writing and powerpoint samples.

"48-Hour Challenge" Trial Components:
1. Create a 30-second PowerPoint with Audio Clip. We will give you the stock images, avatars, and samples. You have 48 hours to return it to us. Sherri Garcia will assign you a specific number (1 through 7).
2. Sample writing piece that is 100 to 120 words long.
a. Subject: Select one of the articles from this folder, https://www.dropbox.com/sh/l7te2bze5hqlv12/8RpZ9heYbf that is related to professionals in the workplace.
b. Highlight the DATA and INTERESTING FACTS like in this example: http://web.hbr.org/email/archive/dailystat.php?date=050113.
c. The tone and style should be entertaining, professional and informative, like here: http://web.hbr.org/email/archive/dailystat.php and http://www.harvardbusiness.org/management-tip-day-hbrorg.
3. Conduct Web Research.
a. Find 10 articles that contain data, valuable statistics and insight on leadership topics, from online articles published within the last 5 years. Research topics: Communication, Office Politics, Teambuilding, Innovation and Leadership. The articles should be similar to the ones found in here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/l7te2bze5hqlv12/8RpZ9heYbf

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