Excellent Ghost Writer Needed for 4 Articles

Excellent Ghost Writer Needed for 4 Articles


Job Description

Overview of the articles:
• Each article should be between 650 and 750 words.
• There should be two 'prompts' in each article where quotes can be inserted so we can feature the opinions of two people in each.
• The style of each article should be thoughtful, straightforward and fact-based but easily readable. An example of the type of content 'tone' – should mesh these two tones together www.readwrite.com and www.garywhitehill.com (under blog section)
• To prove a point of view, each article should have a link to at least two separate reports/organizations/other articles that provide a particular point being made in the article.

These articles are for a prestigious media outlet. We're looking for the best so please only submit an offer if you fully understand the topics and are fluent in English!

Thank you.

Skills: english

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