GIS expert to complete and develop user-generated heatmap technology

GIS expert to complete and develop user-generated heatmap technology


Job Description

Step 1:
Finish the incomplete mapping technology so that it renders fast, after initial caching. This means everything working, no bugs, all GUI works, and tested. And so that in NO case after the initial caching, is there any delays. And in any case where there is delay, there is ALWAYS an icon that shows something is working…so users know to wait. Currently I cannot even have others test the software, since in many cases, nothing happens, so testers think that the software is broken. And some of the GUI links do not function properly. The UI needs improvement, so intuitive and clean and easy to grasp.

Goal is to get the maps to render fast, so we can demo the software and later on, update the databases on a monthly basis with fresh datasets.

One way temporary fix, is that and when the user first goes to a new MSA, they see a loading indicator that trills, so that they download all files needed to make the maps render fast. So one time cache, and the rest of the time the maps render fast.

Temp URL is at which shows unfinished project. Video that explains how it is supposed to work is at

Step 2:
Your team finishes the website, and integrates the new website. Some parts already done, some parts not done. And integrate the reports, which the user sees, after they press on a color, to show why a color is a color. Then once this is done, we have things reviewed, and 1 or 2 sets of changes. The goal at the end of this stage, is to be able to get customer feedback. Goal is to get to this phase ASAP, within 2-3 weeks.

Temp URL is at which shows unfinished project. I have most files in Photoshop and Word, but all pages need some editing and improvements. In the final, must be a slick working website that compels the user to sign up to see a demo, with a full functioning website, with everything working.

Step 3:
You team works on optimizing the rendering time. And if we cannot get the maps to render fast, look into other options. For example, I know we can get this done in ThinkGeo, but there is a huge cost for technology and licensing fee. So there probably is a less costly options to get us to the fast rendering, and we need to discover and create this process.

Note, please do not bid on this job unless you can finish and very experience in shapefile optimization and user-generated heatmaps. I do not need another developer to not complete this project. Also, ideally provide a solution ahead of time, so I know you can perform.

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