Finish of a WP / WooCommerce-Site

Finish of a WP / WooCommerce-Site


Job Description

I have installed a web site with a WordPress CMS on it. In addition, a WooCommerce shop is installed (copied from another site).

I'm looking for someone who incorporates the 190 products (paintings with 6 options / sizes) and completes the shop for me.

This is the prototype for a series of the same shops that I plan in the next. Because I do not want to make myself, this is an opportunity for a longer cooperation, if I find a competent and humble partner.

If you do not write ramaduri in the first line of your application, or make me an unrealistic offer, your offer is cleared lightning fast.

++++++++ details +++++++++

The site URL is
At tab "Galerie - Shop" are 5 categories
In each category (such as "Allgemeines") opens a page with thumbnails
After clicking on a thumbnail (example "sch001 agonie") opens a product-page
Each product-page has a slightly larger thumbnail, radio buttons and a button, at bottom description text (=image)
The preview is linked to a larger image that opens when clicked
The customer selects the size of the article with the radio buttons and clicks the order button "Jetzt Bestellen" starting the ordering process

++++++++ providing +++++++++

The starting point is an installed WP-CMS, a preinstalled Woocommerce plugin (not working)

There are the pictures (about 190) in large format, the name of the picture is the title of the product.

Furthermore there are the thumbnails in 2 sizes (120px, 100px)

There are the 5 category pages to be created

There are the 200 products pages to be created

It is the Woocommerce shop to be created /finished

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