Turn manuscript into book

Turn manuscript into book


Job Description

Need to existing English manuscript into pdf format for later printing on demand.Manuscript is written in MS Word, 180 A5 pg/38000 words, already has a structure and the various references.

The contents (sales reference guide) needs to be as accessible as possible, turning it to an easy reference book.Today's structure has the analogy of a cook book (ingredients. kitchen, running the store); am open to new ideas. Offering total artistic freedom: you do the art work, I concentrate on the contents. Preference for Japanese layout style; clean, sophisticated, artful.

I see 2 phases:
- visualisation; turn this manuscript into something visually attractive, easy to understand while flipping through it. Restyling of tables and graphics, design of front cover, definition of fonts & colors, creation of page template in Adobe Indesign.
- content loading; content in the template in a consistent manner (fonts, captions, tables, white pages, etc), quality check, print optimisation

Bonus for those who can make me an attractive offer to print the book for me as well.

Skills: graphics, design, pdf, ebooks