MAGENTO Automatic Order fulfilment & stock updating from CSVs

MAGENTO Automatic Order fulfilment & stock updating from CSVs


Job Description

Hi all

We have very specific requirements and are looking for a simple, quick solution.

We currently operate an online store selling import goods via dropship.

We need a solution that will:

1) update our store for if the product is in stock with our supplier (from their URL CSV file updated daily with 'In Stock' or 'Out of Stock' and the corresponding SKU for our store).

2) Whenever a sale is made, the order from Magento needs to be formed into a specific CSV format from our supplier and then emailed to them in their template. We need Magento to automatically fulfil this and send an email.

Here is our current workflow and what we need in descriptive language:

- Supplier has multiple CSV URLs updated daily. We need Magento or a custom script to automatically scan these CSVs, and when a SKU in the CSV says 'In Stock', our site with that SKU needs to show 'In Stock'. When the product is 'Out of Stock' on the external CSV, we need Magento to change the product to 'Out of Stock.'

- Customer places order
- We have same SKUs as suppliers
- Order needs to be automatically generated into our suppliers CUSTOM CSV format and emailed to them, per order, automatically.

It is a more permanent solution to

There are many premade solutions out there (120usd) but we are looking for something that might be more custom & more affordable. Please quote lowest possible as we are very small & new with a small budget! If more time is needed than predicted, we can increase budget.

Skills: import