PHP Office Management Software

PHP Office Management Software


Job Description

I have a LARGE job requiring a lot of PHP, MySQL and Microsoft Office experience. We need to be able to upload office files, manipulate them (often cross-referencing) and other functions.

Give the scope of this contract, I've put together a short exercise to demonstrate a few of the skills needed for the work. APPLICATIONS SUBMITTED WITHOUT THIS DEMO WILL BE IGNORED! I will not waste time with people who cannot easily complete the demo below.


Create a form that allows the uploading of a word document (both .doc and .docx formats). Once uploaded replace all the words "the" with the word "ODESK", preserving formatting. For example: if one of the words "the" is red and bold, the word "ODESK" should also be.

Duplicate the uploaded document with a page break between them. (So if the document originally said "How is the weather over in the east?" it would then say it twice, with a page break between it.)

The modified document should be available for download.


The best person to satisfy the demo's requirements will be hired for the full job. This budget ($1600) is for the first version; additional funding will be available once a proof-of-concept is complete.