AngularJS and Python/Flask developer wanted

AngularJS and Python/Flask developer wanted


Job Description

We're looking for an Engineer with a love of front end design and development.

On top of the technologies specified we use the following tools and workflows to develop our applications. Knowledge of these items would be of significant value as we wouldn't have to explain the development lifecycle
- All code is hosted privately on github. Familiarity with pull requests is a plus
- Deployment with dotCloud. Previous experience with dotCloud is cool but not mandatory.
- We use and love yeoman. Previous understanding of it or grunt in general a plus
- Knowledge of compass/SASS as well as SMACCS is a plus
- Building REST interfaces on flask is highly desirable. Ideally you would have built a complete Flask application before.
- Integration with LinkedIn OAUTH 2 api's is a plus
- Unit testing is very important and we use karma(previously known as testacular). Familiarity of this is quite important.
- MAC OS and Linux experience preferred over windows.

If you are missing a few of these abilities but are strong at others we are willing to consider an arrangement where you can learn and develop your skills. The one skill that really is non negotiable though is angularJs. You really need to have a solid understanding of it as it is a lot harder to learn than backbone etc.

Your responsibilities:
- Working with the existing developer on the project to meet delivery goals.
- Work with product, ux and user interface designers to understand how technology can implement the vision of the product design.
- Write clean, modular, robust code to implement the desired requirements
- Contribute ideas for making the application better and easier to use
- Use best practices in coding to allow other developers to extend it in future.

Your qualifications:
- A working knowledge of the technologies listed. If you haven't done at least one project with each technology it might not be the right time to learn.
- A work style that is extremely detail oriented
- A complete Elance profile
- References or an established reputation on Elance preferred