Fix Errors Wordpress Woocommerce PHP Programmer Needed

Fix Errors Wordpress Woocommerce PHP Programmer Needed


Job Description

HI I have done the following:

1) Installed Wordpress
2) Installed Templatic Storebox Commerce theme
3) Installed Woocommerce Plug In
4 Installed SEO by yoast plug in

Since I have done this I have the following problems.

1) Product Category Meta Tag Titles and Descriptions are not working. All other pages work fine with the SEO plug in by yoast - The only problem I have is with Woocommerce product category title meta tags and product category meta descriptions. There is obviously a problem with the code - I need someone to take a look and fix it.

2) On product detail page it shows two related products - I need to increase this to 4 products instead of 2 but cant find any option or widget to be able to change it.

3) When I click on Contact page I find the following error pops upon the screen when landing on the page "blockUI requires jQuery v1.3 or later. You are using v1.2.6" I need this pop up message to be removed.

I need these issues to be fixed as soon as possible (today) by an expert who can get these problems fixed quickly without any problems.

The web address is: