Create Custom Wordpress Calculator

Create Custom Wordpress Calculator


Job Description

There are a few wordpress calculators out there, but we're looking for a sharp looking calculator that will take in a date and spit out a few different answers based on formulae we input.

We like the look of and would like this plugin modified to have the following

1. customizable size and color
2. customizable border
3. The option to add an image or logo at the top of the calculator box
4. multiple outputs created from a single data entry (data is date)
5. outputs are randomly pulled from a select group of categories
6. customizable formula area, so that we can enter whatever formulae we want
7. name entry box
8. email entry box
9. customizable call to action box
10. customizable text to attach to each answer calculated
11. add a 'share to facebook' option

Provide cost estimate for job. We would like to complete this shortly. Mention your birthday in the posting to show us you have actually read the posting and are not just copy and pasting your application in.

Skills: facebook