Bellydance Performer and Palm Reader, 2 websites needed

Bellydance Performer and Palm Reader, 2 websites needed


Job Description

I need a website that showcases me as a performer. I perform at private parties, restaurants an special events. I need a page that shows off my different dances, including Bellydance, Kajar Persian Dance,Tajik, folk dance, fire dance, and Hawaiian Hula. I also teach classes in gyms and privately so I will need a schedule listed as well.

The website will need to have pictures that showcase my differnt styles as well as the costumes. It will also need to host video. It need a simple shopping cart where they can order different styles of dance, costume colors, different props. It will also need a calendar of availability that I can easily change and update.
Another website will have information about my services of fingerprint and hand analysis (palm reading). This will need content as well as some pictures, a few videos and a simple shopping cart.

This job will not start until May 23.

Skills: analysis