Squid authentication

Squid authentication


Job Description

Ok here is what I need , Please bid not always the lowest bid gets the job !

I need Authentication for squid

I need it connected to MySQL table of subscribers

once users login and there current subscription is active
it will then send there ip to an allow file , I have more than one squid server in different
locations so the php script would need to connect to multiple servers or
one central server were all the other squid proxys look here for auth

We know how long this job will take ,Its not rocket science simple php and
squid configs

Ok now the boring bit

Please do not bid on this project unless you can speak good English
have Skype installed ,
You must have worked with squid proxy servers before also must be fluent in PHP

This is a very easy small job for someone , there is more work after this for them

We are fully capable of doing this ourselves but sometimes we need to
contract work out due to time ,

So please do not bid if you do not understand the job , Because we do and
will not tolerate time wasted , When you apply for the job please quote
'Squid job' any one who fails to quote this there application will be ignored
so please read the description over

Thank you so much and happy bidding ,