Server Administrator Needed

Server Administrator Needed


Job Description

We are looking for a server admin that can help us manage and deploy our servers for our clients.

1. Managing Ubuntu servers
We predominately use Ubuntu based servers, 12.04 and newer. If you’re not an Ubuntu guy, you’re not a good fit for this position.

2. Using one or more provisioning tools, such as Chef or Puppet
We want to move to an automated environment in terms of management and provisioning. Your responsibility would be to setup recipes for us to deploy various types of servers, from Ruby/Rails to PHP.

3. Optimizing Mysql, Postgresql, Apache and Nginx
We need someone who can look at a Mysql config and tell us exactly how to optimize it. We use about a 50/50 mix of Apache and Nginx but would love to move to a full Nginx environment.

4. Configuring Varnish or similar caching systems
We need someone who has a lot of experience setting up caching systems. Varnish is what we currently use, so we’d prefer to stick with it.

5. Securing servers with firewalls, authorization/authentication, etc
A lot of this can be boiled down to the basics: configuring iptables or similar, sudo, ssh keys, etc. We aren’t looking for a pentester, just someone who knows how to lock down a server without going too crazy (we hate port knocking, so please don’t suggest it).

6. Scaling websites beyond a single server
We have many clients that have multiple servers behind linode load balancers. We need someone who knows how to deal with the scaling across multiple servers, as well as creating your own load balancer if we choose to leave Linode and move to a hosting company that doesn’t offer such a service.

7. Scaling databases
Lets be real, as data grows, you eventually can outgrow a single database. You must have experience setting up fail overs, master/slave replication, etc. We currently use MySQL, but have been slowly moving to Postgresql.

8. Automating tasks with Shell/Python/Ruby scripts
We’ve had enough “server guys” that do everything by hand for job security. We need someone who loves to automate tasks.

9. Monitoring
The only thing worse than a clients site going down is when it’s been down for hours and a client calls you out on it. We need someone who has setup monitoring (and not just that the web server responds with a 200). If you have experience with SNMP, etc, that’s a bit plus.

Would be nice if you have

1. Experience scaling Ruby/Rails applications
2. Experience in working with AWS, CDNs

You MUST speak fluent English, and be available during PST.

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