Experienced Drupal Developer Needed

Experienced Drupal Developer Needed


Job Description

We are looking for a highly experienced Drupal developer with excellent written and verbal English communication skills, with fast internet connection and constant availability on Skype.

We developed a real estate related software on a modified Drupal platform about 3 years ago and have not touched the code ever since.

We would like to update the Drupal version and clean up the code to make sure that it works perfectly in the 2014 web environment.

The software uses third party databases with various API integrations, those will have to be re-checked and re-integrated too.

The original developers are not available to consult with, so mote of the issues will have to be figured out on your own, since I am not a coder either.

ONLY experienced, patient, professional Drupal coders should apply with great English skills.

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