XML Feed Integration Expert

XML Feed Integration Expert


Job Description

No upfront payment - Fixed Job

This is a description of the job you will need to be 110% confident
of implementing.

The objective is to have the real estate listing imported into a new website.
The site will be built in static PHP with HTML.


XML Feeds are created where XML files hourly of properties that have been updated in that last hour are sent to us.

The XML files are in REAXML format and are FTP'd to our server. From there it's up to you to parse the data and store it in a database, then make the front end call your database to get the information and display it on the site.

You will also need to download the image files and host them on our servers.

Using the modtime you can tell if the image needs to be re-downloaded if updated, to again which saves bandwidth. Hotlinking images is discouraged and will result in the feed being disabled until resolved.

There are no pre-written scripts for you

I have attached two files:

1) XML Feed Web Developer Documentation

2) Authorisation Form for if you wish to proceed

You can find more details on REAXML (industry standard) here:http://reaxml.realestate.com.au/

and an example XML file


A few notes on the XML Feed:

Multiple files can come in per hour, they should be processed in order based on their timestamp

This is an incremental feed which means after the initial flush of properties, each new file will be updates that are to be applied to the existing data collection

Each office that has a feed to you will be sent to the same ftp server in the same folder

It is recommended that you generate processing logs as you are the data source for the website/product, you will become the first port of call for support/faults

An example filename is: commaus_2012-03-06_12-16-02_2352.xml which contains our "commaus" identifier, "2012-03-06_12-16-02" a timestamp and "2352" an auto-incrementing number

Until the XML Feed is set up with an office, we cannot send any live data out to you.

However you can still test with Sample Files on the
reaxml.realestate.com.au website


Please tell me how you plan to do this and demonstrate your expertise in creating XML and / or RSS feeds.

When you reply, please tell me what the capital of France is in the first line of your application.

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