Code Igniter Web Application Troubleshooting and Development

Code Igniter Web Application Troubleshooting and Development


Job Description


I have a current web application developed (online school) that is about 70-80% and I need someone to pick it up and finish the work plus fix and add some minimal styling.
The site is developed in:

1. CodeIgniter
1a. Zend Framework
2. All PHP
3. Site is on my server MYSQL

I need a programmer who can:

1. Troubleshoot currently developed website
2. Advanced in CodeIgniter / PHP
3. Have developed complex system before
4. Have a good coding standard and commenting

What needs to get done:

1. Develop internal messaging system / email system between teachers, parents, students, and admin
2. Make sure all permissions are correct (what access they each people should have)
3. Make sure the grading system works
4. Reports functionality are all there and working
5. Dynamic generated messages
6. Quality check that all requirements are there
7. Validate that the site is bug free.

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