Embroidery Magento

Embroidery Magento


Job Description

We are looking for a twist to the regular embroidery options; an add-on that stores historic embroideries to the customer profile, prints embroidery information on separate printer when printing Packing slip, and sending off an email with embroidery info.

a. Requires possibility for Admin to select which products can be embroidered, i.e. Embroidery ON/OFF per product

b. Should have a hide/show switch on the front end so that customer sees embroidery options for each product only after selecting “Do you whish to add embroidery?”

c. Embroidery itself consists of four color options, four font options, and a field to input the text to be embroidered. The text in the field should change automatically when selecting the different colors/fonts.

d. Possibility for customer to upload image file to be embroidered.

e. Any embroidery, whether text and/or uploaded files, shall be connected to the order AND added to the customer profile. In the customer profile, the various embroideries used by a certain customer shall be ordered by date.

f. Possibility to upload additional embroidery files in the back-end customer profile.

g. When printing the Packing slip of an order, the embroidery information shall be printed automatically on a separate Dymo/Brother label printer.

i. For example; Order 1 contains 3 items. Item one needs embroidery ABC, item 2 embroidery of an uploaded file, and item 3 no embroidery.
ii. Label printer should print the following separate stickers:

1. Order 1, Item XXX, Embroidery ABC, Color Red, Font Arial
2. Order 1, Item YYY, Embroidery uploaded file name ZZZ

h. When printing the Packing slip, an email with any uploaded files connected to the order should be sent automatically.