Expert photoshop designer for fast option development & iterations

Expert photoshop designer for fast option development & iterations


Job Description

JOB: Take premade designs and improve the designs based on specific feedback, creating options and turning the project around as quickly as possible. Execute on specific feedback to quickly finalize product designs.

TIME: Project based until August 9th.

PAY: Pay dependent on experience level of designer, potential for bonus on completion

-Great English: Must be able to communicate effectively regarding design
-Expert in Photoshop: At least 5,000 hours using Photoshop, using AT LEAST CS 6
-Organized: Create PSD files that a designer with minimal Photoshop experience can update
-Responsive: Responds to questions, requests direction within 2 hours
-Available: Short project time frame requires maximum availability. Must be available for 9 hours Monday - Friday & AT LEAST 2-4 hours Sat/Sunday. Available for at least 4 hours between 8am - 6am CST (Chicago time)

NEXT STEPS (All 5 must be completed to be considered):
-Submit portfolio of photoshop designs, AT LEAST 1 web based & 1 mobile
-Briefly explain your schedule up to August 9th. Are you available during the hours required?
-Describe how much you will charge for this project. Give an actual amount
-Sign the NDA that can be found here (
-IMPORTANT: Do NOT complete the following task until you have completed the previous 4 tasks. Only once you have messaged me with the above 4 tasks, then please complete the following task, which can be found here (

IMPORTANT. If you go to the above website before completing the 4 previous tasks, you will NOT be considered for the position. However, you must complete all 5 tasks before your application is reviewed.