Custom Xen compatible CentOS 6 DVD

Custom Xen compatible CentOS 6 DVD


Job Description

Hello, I have experience with CentOS and with setting up various software for CentOS but now don't have the time. I prefer applicants from North America, Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe, and Ukraine only please (no Russia) due to travel purposes. I may hire up to 3 linux administrators later on, preferably at least one from Ukraine for this project (Western Europe also ok) and one in the Western Hemisphere possibly, and even if you're not the winning bid, I'll be keeping you in mind. The third possible hire for the project will be hired from the Australian time zone.

I would like a custom Xen compatible CentOS 6 DVD made (live DVD and USB installable) that has the following pre-installed:

UTM software, like snort, anti-virus, etc. with updates (software packages installed on endian, pfsense, and clearos are examples).
VPN, ipsec setup, etc.
Selinux setup with the graphical selinux programs.
Wine for windows programs.
RAID and Backup (programs like those that are installed on smeserver).
XBMC media center software (like openelec has).
Perhaps freeswitch programs (or at least asterisk) that routes with obihai and google voice. Talking about auto-attendant capability here.
Hylafax (linux fax program).
Wi-Fi Hotspot Solutions, (something like FON if available for CentOS) like chillispot, nocatsplash, wifidog, sputnik, Hostapd, along with Radius enabled (network security).
2 factor authentication via sending a code via sms or google's program (open source programs available for this) for logon purposes.
Ksplice or similar if possible (may switch to fedora if license terms are compatible)
Drupal, nginx, apache, percona, and php-fpm (maybe varnish or similar). Later on with drupal, there could be map, picture modification, and/or chart modules configured and installed.
Perhaps openerp or similar.
BCFG2 a consideration.
Dome9 like features or access to Dome9 is nice.
Possible integration with freshbooks if you have the programming skills, for later on.
More programs as the thoughts come up.

Ability to write c scripts is nice for gwan.

OS settings will be geared toward functionality, security, and performance.

Hardware will be geared toward a small business of less than 10 with an AMD 2 or 4-core APU, up to a 8-core AMD micro-atx system for power savings and maintenance factor. 2 or more ethernet ports provided by an extra USB to ethernet device.

You will root into a device at this location for testing purposes but can create the live-cd at your location.

The project will stop and go as schedule and budget allows (or less programs will be pre-installed), thanks.

This looks to be a 2 to 3 week job for someone with the right experience. Work begins 9/16/2013 after the bids have been evaluated.

strace knowledge is nice but not required.

A new distro is not being started because the CentOS (or Fedora) repositories are reliable but that can be a consideration in the future.

The xen compatible centos DVD will be sold at an online site and the winning contractor will be paid 10% of the sale to each administrator (so up to 30%) as long as no license terms have been violated. Should be available for rehire after the project is done for modification and troubleshooting purposes.

This post could be updated further with more specific estimated duration, estimated workload, and desired experience level in response to the bids before a contractor(s) is selected.

Communication is required so that I can document what's been installed in the DVD for business purposes.

The long term goal is that programmers will be hired to make a webpage portal to access the backend (the OS programs). For now, basic functionality is what's wanted to have something working.