.NET developer for innovative e-commerce startup

.NET developer for innovative e-commerce startup


Job Description

Who we are:
We are a young and fast growing startup serving the e-commerce industry. Our core product is an innovative warehouse management system, SkuVault.
The project is already up and running, so we already have clients and partners. People already know us.
We're relying on new technologies to deliver scalable product and effectively add new features. You will be expected to learn a lot, and quickly, but we'll help.

Who we need:
So, we are looking for a curious, talented person to join our small but nice international team.
Someone who's very technical, eager to learn new things and enjoys working by the seat of their pants, analyzing problems, making informed decisions and is good thinking outside of the box. Ideally you would be very detail oriented, confident and a jack of many trades. You would be responsible for maintaining several ongoing IT projects, and assisting in the completion of many upcoming projects.

Our development environment is very agile. Thus you need to be comfortable with things changing on daily basis.

We are looking for someone in Eastern Europe who can speak Russian, English, or both. Pay range starting out is ~$12-13/hr. This is an ongoing job where there is PLENTY of work and you can grow with us.

This is a great opportunity to get on board at a small company that is growing fast. We have a great team so far, and we're looking to add a new member. It could be you!

You'll be involved in all parts of the application, frontend and backend.
To apply you must have:
- Good OOP/OOD skills and understanding of design patterns. If you understand what DI, singleton, factory are, you qualify;
- Solid understanding of .NET 4.5, C#, async programming and ASP.NET MVC;
- Code refactoring skills is a must;
- Able to do BDD and TDD, which implies you being comfortable writing and updating tests (nUnit, SpecFlow);
- DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing knowledge and understanding is a strong advantage;
- Understanding web services (SOAP, REST etc.);
- Understanding of cloud programming, especially Azure. Ability to design HA scalable applications is a huge plus;
- Familiarity with technologies designed for use in the cloud is a plus (for example elasticsearch);
- Git (we're using github and bitbucket);
- Solid understanding and experience with JavaScript, jQuery, HTML and CSS. Experience with Bootstrap is a plus;
- Experience using AngularJS or something similar, f.ex. Knockout ( to have a basis to learn AngularJS :) );
- Team skills are required. You are joining a team after all. So, you'll need to be able to work with other people and abide by our coding standards;
- Written English and either spoken English or Russian

Nice to have:
- ServiceStack experience;
- MS SQL Server (T-SQL);
- Understanding NoSql, it's advantages and disadvantages

What we offer:
- Remote job;
- Interesting, client-oriented and complicated projects;
- Be involved in grow a software company and making your mark on an industry like no other;
- Be heard. As an entrepreneurial company, we believe the best ideas come from our people so you will have the ability to express your vision, thoughts and ideas;

Please, provide your full updated cv and code examples. Candidacies without code examples will be ignored.