iPhone app marketing strategy - Planning AND implementation

iPhone app marketing strategy - Planning AND implementation


Job Description

We've just realeased a new iPhone app about figure skating (the name is PractIce): you find it on the App Store searching for "practice figure skating".

We already have a marketing plan developed by ourselves, but we'd like to integrate it with more ideas coming from a mobile app marketing expert.

Beside designing the marketing strategy, we want the person to also realize the plan.
Our minimum target for this app is 4.000 downloads in the next 5 months.

What we will value:
- previous experiences in iPhone apps marketing and sales generation
- knowledge about the figure skating world
- a guarantee on the minimum result your plan is going to get
- skills about apps SEO in order to have our app rank 1st in the figure skating niche
- web and social media marketing skills
- minimum knowledge about the ice figure skating world

If you need more information, please contact us.

Thank you

Skills: marketing