Moodle Course Developer

Moodle Course Developer


Job Description

Hourly Rate: $4.00 - $15.00 per hour

 One or more years working with Moodle in a course support, course creation role
 Working knowledge of Moodle resources and activities
 Solid understanding of the Moodle test bank/quiz question categories utility
 Assist the LMS Manager with a transition of course materials from PDF Files, including the importing of all resources, links, files, etc.
 Work to improve course access accessibility, aesthetics and usability
 Use the Moodle Quiz Module and other Moodle activities, as appropriate, to build Pre-, Post-, and informal assessments of student learning
 Must be flexible in approach, willing to take direction in development

 Understanding of the Meta courses principle
 Understanding of Learning Tools Interoperability
 Additional technology tools beyond knowledge of Moodle that would be desirable:
 Articulate Presenter, Engage and Quiz maker

REQUIRED: online example of Moodle showcase

Contractor need to be able to report on progress preferably daily,
but at least every other day.

1. Only apply if you have experience working with Moodle,
if this is not clearly articulated in your proposal it will
be rejected immediately! I am looking to create a cloud based LMS using the moodle platform.

2. You need to break down both your price and required time
between [A],[B],[C],[D],[E],[F]
in your proposal, if you do not do so you will be rejected!

3. Please read the requests carefully, proposals showing clear ignorance
or signs of not reading the request will be rejected!

4. This project is for end providers only, it is forbidden to re-post this
request for proposal anywhere else to hire/seek sub-contractors to do the
job without our permission granted!

Generic configuration

- student to be able to contact the tutor (email notification)
- sections - multiple courses
- moderated forum
- reports on student final marks
- contact students from systems (email notificaton)
- report of students who has questions to be marked

- contact details of the student to be changed only by the admin
to be approved by admin

- students to view their answers after they have submitted them
- option to print these answers (for students)

- type of questions exercises/assessments
-- exercises: only one chance answer than student is showed the correct answer(s)
they should be able to go back to see these answers ! - these questions
are not evaluated by the tutor
-- assessments - these questions are evaluated by the tutor
assesment multiple times - give more than one chance to pass - till they get all of the questions right

- topic to be marked with obvious GREEN TICK when its completed ....

- multiple questions in one lesson (resource resource question - resource question)

Aid for Tutors

answers can be
- multiple choice
- free text reply
- text with calculations

up to 15 lines
the tutor marks them

the tutor to be given with
model answers to help the assessment of the assignments
1000 characters

The way should look for tutor when marking:

- question
- answer by the student
- correct model answer

if OK tick yes
if NO pull up a template of explanations and send it
as an email notification to the student

PAYMENT handling

- self register a profile
-- buy the course (access is linked to the student profile)
- direct deposit

- terms and condition
- cancellation policy
have to be checked (checkbox) before payment

Embed on site video player

The system to be replicated with different look and branding under other
domain into a separate database, users/students/tutors/results are not shared
across these systems, however an automatic update process should be available
to populate the course content to the replicated sites

The site(s) will be running on Linux platform!

Skills: pdf, test, video, linux