I'm looking for a marketing partner for UK business.

I'm looking for a marketing partner for UK business.


Job Description

Hello, I have recently completed : www.siteworkers.co.uk I own the domain and the site and I'm looking for a marketing partner to come on 50/50 with me. Have a look around the link provide - the site is aimed at the UK construction job sector -in particular cscs registered siteworkers of which the around currently around 1.7 million registered cscs holders working throughout the UK - Seo the scope for the market is big enough. This is the link to the site :http://bit.ly/YeCnko

I dont have time to personally market it as i have been called on to other projects. So i am looking for company or individual come and handle the marketing and management of the site, the backend/cms of the site is very easy to handle. You wont need to worry about SEO as my internal team are taking care of this - we are thinking we should start ranking for some pretty good key words in 4/6 weeks. They have been working on it for the past 6 weeks.

for you 50% of each new member signed (this would be recurring each month - as long as the member stayed registered)

To handle:
Email and marketing
day to day site maintenance
social media
I don't want to be involved daily - I would be happy for a brief weekly report.

If you have any coding requirements or design suggestions i can easy do this.

The successful person or company then would be on a 6 month trail - if they hit a certain agreed amount, We would be happy to sign over 40% or the total company and domain rights.

I'm looking forward to getting in touch as you will probably see the youtube tuts links on the site still need to be added - this will be a series of short videos showing users how to login and create accounts etc. This is underway and should be finished in the next few days.

As a show of good will when the job is awarded tothe company or person -you will get a goodwill payment up front of $40 - after odesk fees - all payments to be made through odesk only.

Please put ' I really want and can do this job' at the top of your application or it will be deleted and marked as spam.

We also have around 4000 opt in current email address for workmen - through 6 'squeeze sites' we have had set up for the last 6 months - we would also give you these to help.

Thank you

Skills: marketing, youtube