New business and account managing role.

New business and account managing role.


Job Description

Bespoke Leads was created in early 2012, the company has worked with a number of brokerages around the world.

Currently we are looking for experienced sales professionals, to help the business expand and grow its existing client base. We have been setting industry standards, have a vast amount of happy clients.


We are seeking a 2 sales professionals, to help build and expand our business. The role will involve speaking to marketing managers and CEO's around the world. Your role will be to build long term relationships with these companies, providing them a route to market their investment products. You will be expected to add to our CRM system via online searches.

What is provided:
This is a home based role, where we provide you with an account to make national and international calls. We already have an existing online CRM system which can be used. Our back office staff, will deal with invoicing and providing you all the tools need to succeed. All the sales literature has been written, you will have access to an email account.

What services will you be selling?
Currently we provide a number of products and services, however we are looking to build the telephone qualification service. We set industry standards by providing a recording of each and every lead, giving the client piece of mind. There is 20 professional telemarketers, who will be at your disposal.

What is expected from you?
We are looking for people who already have a proven track record, you are expected to be professional at all times. We are only seeking candidates that have integrity, intelligence and energy.

What is the commission level?
If your looking for a basic, your not the right candidate. sales professional are only interested in commission, if they believe in the service. Your job will be to open accounts, whereby the client will pay £25 per lead. minimum 50 leads, normally 100 leads. You will receive £4 per lead, 50 leads - £200, 100 - £400. An average client orders 200 leads per month, every month.

For more information, to hear the quality of the service, to see the sales literature upon request.

We will be vetting any suitable candidates, before we welcome someone into the business.

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