Price Comparison Script - Curl/Scrapping

Price Comparison Script - Curl/Scrapping


Job Description

I need a script to compare the prices of food supplements from some e-commerce sites. The user will do the search using the name of the product, for example 'bsn syntha-6' and the script will show the name, image, quantity (servings) and the price converted to brazilian real.

When the user puts a generic name for a product, the script will show some alternatives, like the following (I searched only 'bsn'):

And when you click on 'Compare X preços', the following page is like this:

It will be something similar, but with less information.

The 'buy' buton will take the user to the suplier's store, but with an ID before the link. But in the hover, it must show the original link.

In the frontend, will be 3 pages: search, search results - product suggestions (for generic queries) and the products itself (for specific queries). The search must also fit anywhere, if I want to put that in the homepage or either in another website.

In the backend, I need some place to add new supliers links and Ids, edit and exclude them, besides a fiel to insert the dollar price in Brazilian real.

- Metrics: top searchs, click numbers per product
- Export these metrics to .xls (showing product's name, URL and click amount per chosen time period)
- Some weight or factor on each suplier URL, that interfers in the search results order (if I want to favor a specific brand)
- Don't show out of stock products
- Don't show or remove products that have broken links (in case of the store remove the product)
- I don't need the layout, just a generic HTML, I'll make the CSS after finished.