Hashtag Website

Hashtag Website


Job Description

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other social networks use hastags to categories content.

I want to build a website that displays all of the public hastag content to users in a nice and easy to use way.

You will build the website, and develop the tool that will crawl sites to bring in the content, there will be a lot of content so we need a smart way to crawl the sites and present the information to users. We prefer not to create and host a database on our servers but are willing to listen to your options for achieving this.

It can be built on any content management system like Wordpress, DotNetNuke, Drupel e.t.c

We do not pay upfront for projects and will pay upon completion of the full work.

The way this project will run.

1) You provide us with 4 designs
2) Once we are happy with a design we will deploy your preffered system on our hosting environment, unless you prefer to do this yourself.
3) You will start to build the custom work and algorithm's to crawl the sites and display the public hastags to users.

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