Jquery champ for UI design

Jquery champ for UI design


Job Description


We are looking for individual/firm web developers to design and develop the UI(only UI) for a website.
The website is going to be a close resemblance of http://www.polyvore.com/ in terms of features. We are a bunch of IIT guys who are familiar with the technology but need someone to finish the UI part of the project as quickly as possible.We would be working on building the back-end and would work closely with you to integrate. Having said that we are looking for someone who can finish the job as quickly as possible (preferably within a month). Php is the language of choice.

Preferred options are :
UI in Twitter Bootstrap with integration to ZEND framework [PHP].
UI with integration in Zend Framework.[PHP]
Once again, the Work involves only the front-end for the entire website as the back-end will be done in house.
Also, since we are based in Bangalore we prefer the developer/firm be based in Bangalore for easier collaboration.

Skills: design