ghost writer, looking to write a book

ghost writer, looking to write a book


Job Description

Looking for a ghostwriter to write my biography, basic minimum qualifications.
1. Must have previous work experience and a portfolio of ghostwriting projects its complete successfully completed.
2. Must have excellent English writing skills, and advanced degree in literature is a plus.
3. Must be willing to communicate via telephone, Skype, or some type of verbal communications, e-mail only is unacceptable.
4. Must be able to connect with me and believe in my project.

The project consists of, approximately 250-300 pages, and be able to chronologically detail events that occurred within my life how I went from a struggling young man with a learning disability, to a CEO of an international company.
This is a message that I feel has a true audience of individuals that need encouragement and help them build a belief within themselves that they can overcome obstacles that at times might seem insurmountable.

Skills: english, communication-skills