Real Estate Photo Post Processing, Editing & Optimization

Real Estate Photo Post Processing, Editing & Optimization


Job Description


2/19/2013 - Thank you to everyone who has submitted an application. The response was a bit overwhelming, but that's awesome and we're excited about the prospect of working with a few of you to add to our team.

We are actively reviewing portfolios and contacting applicants for our short list. If you haven't heard back yet, please don't expect its because you're not being considered. This process of outsourcing work is new to us, and its just taking some time to go over everything and keep up with the business as we enter our busy season.

So please stay tuned, and again, thank you so much for your interest and application.

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I own a regional real estate photography company in Texas and we are looking to outsource our post processing work to make the final images pop.

We shoot HDR and panoramas. We handle batching the final HDRs and stitching our panoramas into jpeg images. We need a seasoned and skilled photo processor to make final corrections and optimization to these jpegs, which could include color correction, color cast removal, vertical corrections, lens distortion corrections, and optimization such as contrast, lighting balance, saturation, noise removal & sharpening. On occasion, cloning may be required to remove unwanted artifacts or other items in the shot. Sky replacements are generally not needed.

Our consistent volume would be 200-500 images per week, depending on the seasonality of the real estate business. If we can successfully outsource this work, we can increase our production and add staff which would push our volume to 700-1200+ images per week.

Must be able to process 30 images per hour if quoting an hourly rate, or we can negotiate a per image price. 24 hour turnaround required on all projects, averaging 3-5 projects per day (between 50 and 150 images per day). We are willing to work with multiple contractors if you as an individual cannot handle this volume. We will outsource as much as you can handle.

Must be willing to process 10 sample images for no charge so that we can assess your skills and capabilities.

Skills: color-correction, outsourcing