Strategytester automation - MT4 development (MQL 4), Metatrader

Strategytester automation - MT4 development (MQL 4), Metatrader


Job Description

MT4 strategy tester allows one symbol to be tested at a time. I want a way, by which I could test multiple symbols without manual intervention and then see trading report.

In the simplest way, it can be achieved as follows:

Say my strategy is for 10 particular symbols though in strategy tester I see 20 symbols to choose. Using keyboard macro, I will choose first symbol, start the test and then 2nd symbol & start the test.

In program files\brokers mt4\...\tester\logs details of trade get appended:

22:08:48 2012.11.04 21:03 MyStg1 GBPUSD,H4: open #1 sell 1.00 GBPUSD at 1.60263 ok
22:08:48 2012.11.05 05:00 MyStg1 GBPUSD,H4: close #1 sell 1.00 GBPUSD at 1.60263 at price 1.59823

Besides several other log lines. We are only interested in CLOSE log lines of the 10 SYMBOLS . You have to parse the line and calculate the profit. Or in the expert advisor code, some function can be called which will write to another file with more details like period of holding so a mroe details report covering exposure etc can be calculated.

Any other suggestion is welcome. TIME taken in running tester is not important. But want some automated way to get some report on symbols of my interest.

Please quote with total cost.

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