Full time Wordpress PHP Web Developer Needed

Full time Wordpress PHP Web Developer Needed


Job Description

Job Description

We are looking for a PHP Programmer with experience coding Wordpress themes and plugins. The position will entail:

1. Theme Development from PSD to Wordpress. Some designs will be advanced.
2. Plugin modification – this will be tweaking existing plugins, and where needed developing additional functionality.
3. Ability to set up hosting accounts, point name servers, and load Wordpress and plugins and manage a site build from beginning to end. Designs will be supplied in PSD format.
4. Photoshop knowledge to update current designs

NOTE: A significant contract is pending to be developed using the following:

*BuddyPress with customisation into Dating site
*DirectoryPress with customisation
*OptimisePress with customisation
*Yellow Pages, Google Local, Yelp and many other API integrations required for this project

^^ If you have advanced level skills in these platforms please apply for this position as they will form a large part of the ongoing job.

Contractor requirements

We want someone who’s skilled and can take responsibility quickly. In addition, we’re seeking:

1. Good working knowledge and experience in WordPress, HTML and CSS with jQuery for front end functionality and PHP to enhance any backend functions needed.
2. Ability to build new Wordpress sites from zero
3. WHM and CPANEL experience for setting up all databases and hosting accounts where needed.
4. SOLID on-page Search Engine Optimization knowledge for developing into the core of the site
5. Good command of English
6. Prefer someone from VIETNAM - I will be in HCMC in person in JULY 2013
7. Accessible on Skype 8 hours a day with some overtime required in emergencies

How to apply

Please send me your resume and cover letter along with samples of your work. In the cover letter, please include:

1. Your relevant experience for this job with links to your portfolio
2. Your proficiency with Englishf
3. What the best ways to contact you are
4. What dates you are available to begin - prefer immediate start and located in Ho Chi Minh City so you can work with me PERSONALLY in July.

About the company

We are an AUSTRALIAN-based web development agency that specializes in clients in Australia and South East Asia. Our clients are mainly in the entertainment business, but also extend to general business.


If you have read this far I am excited to meet you. So far this description is pretty average and describes hundreds of people on oDesk. I don't want hundreds of people I just want the RIGHT one. So the following is information you need to know before deciding to apply for this job.

* I am looking for someone in VIETNAM - specifically in Ho Chi Minh City as I will be there IN PERSON in July 2013 for one month. I want to work with you 1-on-1 to make sure you are the right person for this job, and to develop our working relationship. This is very important! I will not always be in Asia but many months of the year I will be in Thailand and Vietnam so we will be working together quite often.

* You can expect to GROW as a Developer. I will push your limits in both capacity to work and skills that you acquire. We will be starting slow with some basic Wordpress sites but my clients have come to expect extremely complex sites that push Wordpress to the absolute MAX! This is not an easy template-based position, you will be expected to know and learn how to make Wordpress dance like a super star!!! SQL hacks and PHP overrides will not be accepted lol. Knowing the Wordpress Codex backwards is a big plus.

* I am connected to and active in the Startup scene in Asia, having just won Startup Weekend in Bangkok with the team I was working with. If you are the right person you know what this means, and are excited to come along for the ride. I can't wait to see the co-working space in HCMC.

* This job pays $500USD per month for the first 3 months. Each month will be setup as an oDesk job with a specific pay out figure and we will do this 3 times. At the end of the first 3 months we will evaluate your performance and your pay will be adjusted accordingly up to a max of $750 per month USD for the remainder of the first 12 months. Every year you will be re-evaluated and pay raise accordingly depending on performance with a bonus for meeting targets and time off for vacations. If you wish to earn more I am open to it, show me you are worth it :)

* Daily Communication is key! You will be expected to provide a Working Statement at the completion of each day. Every day! Failure to turn in a WS for more than 3 days in a row is terms for dismissal. Your WS will be evaluated by our staff and will form the basis for performance evaluation and pay raises.


I am already a skilled project manager and do not require the services or added costs incurred. Thank you.