Advertise our Poker School on Forums

Advertise our Poker School on Forums


Job Description

We would like you to advertise our new Poker School on different Poker Forums by finding and privately messaging beginners.


1) Register and Sign up at the following online poker forums, and find 4+ extra Poker Strategy/News/Hints/Tips/ sites. We will provide an email address for you to use.

2) Find people who have recently posted and asked a question in the beginner section and privately message them with a message that we would also provide.

3) Make sure that email notification for private messaging has been turned on so that we can log into the email account and check messages


+ We would like 100 people to be messaged privately (i.e. not on a forum post, bust using the private messaging functionality of the forums)
+ Beginners only (low post count, and have asked a suitable question in the beginners section)
+ Active (have posted in the last month)
+ The questions the member asked suggests they could be interested in a Poker School
+ You provide an excel spreadsheet with the usernames of the people you have messaged and the forum you messaged them on.
+ The extra forums that you find are specific for online poker and mainly focus's on Texas holdem cash games.
+ The extra poker forums you find are not American based.
+ You do not post on the following forums: Cardrunners, Deuces Cracked, Leggo Poker, Stoxx Poker, BlueFirePoker, PokerStrategy, DragTheBar or any other CoachingOnly Site

+ If we get 10+ people who write back and say they are interested in joining the beta phase of our Poker School we would pay a bonus (can be

The job itself should be very easy and can be done quickly and if successful we would like to repeat the task and message far more people.

Skills: english