Single Sign On

Single Sign On


Job Description

Write a script with the following information:
Databases to sign into:
• Wordpress
• Zen Cart
• Help Desk (LiveAgent)
• Forums (phpBB)
• Add databases later (optional)

It must have:
• Define between user groups (Staff, Support, Customer

• Landing page (customisable)
• Ability to connected with a standalone database with old sales records (osCommerce, but the store itself is no longer active, just the database is there for sales records).
• Carry sales information from the store to the Help Desk

If you feel up to the task we would also like some input on the landing page, we would like one set up to have a number of features. That can be discussed at the time of interview.

Key elements:
1. Tying our Wordpress userbase to our Support & Store base
2. Using groups to define access, and abilities
(Senior staff group to access items in Wordpress; Support to access the backend of the support and zen-cart systems (limited access); Admin to access all areas; customers to access their sales histories, their support tickets only and comment on wordpress items).