Photography related articles

Photography related articles


Job Description

We are looking for good photography related articles to publish in our magazine. So we will pay per article and the ownership of the article with the images will be transferred to us.

We'll give themes like "black and white photography","candid photography" etc. and articles around the theme has to be produced. If you have some generic photography related articles also is fine.

You can publish the articles in your blog and once we pay for the article you'll remove the blog and no longer own the article rights.

This will be a continuous job and we need atleast 20 articles per month.

Article (excluding images) should be minimum of two pages. (single line spacing, font size 10, times, microsoft word)

If you can write a series of articles (learn digital photography) that is also fine.

If you already have a blog and would like to sell some of those articles please reply back with the blog url.

PM me with your question. I can explain the project much better.