PHP Customization for WordPress

PHP Customization for WordPress


Job Description

I own (The Ultimate Resource for Software Marketing). It has been around for over 17 years and has over 500 pages of content. I have done all the work with NetObjects Fusion for years.

However, I am porting it to WordPress. I picked up a theme package (Construct) from I am needing help with code customization at times.

Old site:
Dev site (before I switch it over): (shows a sample of the menu problem I am having).

Currently, I am trying to do two things:

- Setup the SIDE menus the proper hierarchy
- Setup the white space for the content

With the menus:

The theme comes with three menu areas: Primary (top), Header and Footer. It comes with three templates (Default (top menu only), Tour (side menu), and Squeeze (won't use for awhile)). The top menu is fine. The side menu only showed the current level (no children) when I first installed. Support gave me code to show the children, but then it showed ALL from all menus. They gave some "page only" instructions, but then I was getting into coding. I only want to show the following:

1st Level:
Parent pages

2nd Level
- Prior parent page
-- Current page
--- Child pages (to just the current page)

Every page would show where it came from (so I can return), where it is at, and the sub pages available from that.

I may also want another option (probably controlled by picking an alternate template when needed), where it also shows additional current pages (but still just the child of the page I'm on).

Very similar to the top menu.

To reiterate: I just want to land on a page, see what the sub pages are. Then when I go to one of them, I want to be able to get back to the prior parent, or see what the new child pages are. This is a very common hierarchy, yet I can't find it anywhere within existing themes or plug-ins (UrberMenu doesn't work with the side menus (and confiscates the primary--which I like as is).

The theme vendor could only go so far.

I even like the menu style of the default theme buttons--but I just need the code modifications to set the menu structure up. I assume I would create a few different templates I could choose (copy the existing, modify the code, etc). Or I can use the same template, and then use the custom CSS fields (available with the themes) to modify any particular page.

Look and Feel:

I also want to have some of the pages follow the current grung layout and others switch the inside to white (so there is no reverse copy when I have a lot of content). I have much of this worked out, but still have a few areas I can't figure out (some of my spacing is wrong--how do I use the default, but not turn the home page white).

You'll see the site at different stages of development (a LOT of content has been ported over and I am still messing with the backgrounds, etc., but I just need some help with some of these items that a wordpress/php developer should know quickly. The code is well documented--I just don't know php and I have to get back to my real job of consulting). I'm so/so technical (Mech Engineering, but I do marketing for high-tech companies).


- Is this something you have done before?
- Do you have samples?
- What is your availability?
- How is your English?
- What are your working hours?
- When would you be available live for questions? (I often start 4:30 am Austin, TX time--since I work with companies world-wide).

I would like to hire on an hourly basis since it may need tweaking further as I go along and I'll need more help (have calendars, review site, etc. to still integrate).

In addition, I consult with a LOT of companies (big (GE, Motorola, 3M, Dell) and small start-ups) and often create their reseller portal sites with them. I have been asked if I have someone who could help them numerous times--but I don't. Having someone who I can work with and trust, and then align with to help them would be good (I refer a lot of work to PR, graphic designers and ad agencies that I've found similarly over the years (probably pull half the business for one person).

I'm also the former Sr. VP at (over 20,000 developers (many from India, Russia, etc.)--but at US rates), so I may prove a good connection for other work.

Please respond ASAP.

Skills: engineering