Time Cost / Charge System

Time Cost / Charge System


Job Description

This client wants a software application built using a SQL platform that will record time costs and charges for their professional services firm.

The business operates in 4 divisions and the data needs to be entered by up to 99 different staff using either desktop situations, laptops, off-site, international etc. - so we want a secure, web based system.

The client wants the ability to "bolt on" other divisions and / or other businesses. The client also wants to be able to use the same platform to open up new offices in other States and to quarantine one area from the other (i.e. separate data files).

Each staff member needs to be allocated a charge out rate as a default which will be based on their level (one of 20 levels selected by the administrator). The rate will be chosen / confirmed by the administrator as new files are added - each file will require a choice of one of four rate cards.

The administrator will also need to be able to run a series of reports from the program that will be consistent with the type of stuff commercial timesheet systems provide - staff rates, staff by day, staff by month etc.

This is a stand alone time cost recording system - it does not need other accounting functionality. The client wants to own the platform once it is built.

Storage of the data could be on the cloud somewhere but also needs to be downloadable for backup purposes.

We would like a fixed price quote for the project but would consider an hourly rate engagement with a time estimate and penalties for delays in delivery. We would like a time estimate to complete and some sort of assurance for the resolution of bugs and / or spec changes that the client will almost certainly provide once they have the system up and running (i.e. the client will probably want changes after it goes live - they always do).