affiliate integration into site

affiliate integration into site


Job Description

i need the following system, and just review quickly, and if you think, that you can do it surely, then make a bid.

Layout and affiliate sign up:
I would like to have a separate affiliate page on my website where anyone can go on and sign up as an affiliate or current affiliates can go to log in and access their info (commission, etc). The page will ask for their name and email address. Once they have entered this information they are automatically entered and displayed in the back office as an affiliate and emailed a user name, password and link and/or member ID number so they can access their back office info. The link will be used to promote tuition to new students by driving traffic to a designated page. Member ID number could be used to enter to receive the discount. I would then be notified by email of a new affiliate sign up. Once they are entered in the back office there should be a way that I can edit information, mainly the commission structure for each affiliate. Some affiliates will be a 1 tier, 1 time commissioned affiliate, others I will designate to make the top tier commission plus residual income on any affiliate that comes under there direct signups. When a new student signs up for our tuition they are automatically given a user name, password and member info to become an affiliate. Some people may want to become affiliates without being students so they can do that by being directed to the affiliate page and signing up. When any new affiliate is added to the database whether they are a student or not they go onto an automated AWeber campaign for getting started as an affiliate. I will create the copy for the email, I just need the automation to be there. I also want to be able to use sites such as Clickbank to allow people to promote the product. An invite your friends functionality would be a nice feature for convenience of promotion for new affiliates.

Referral Process
When an affiliate refers a new student to my site (such as the sales page listed above) and the new student enters the affiliates member ID while paying for tuition using Paypal the new student automatically receives a 30% discount on the tuition. The affiliate qualifies to make a 50% commission upon purchase. If no affiliate number is used the new student will pay full price ($59.95).

Back Office
The system should have a back office to track affiliates and show how much affiliates are owed monthly as well as paying them through an automated system such as Paypal if possible. I would like to have a drop down box so I can change affiliate commissions if I need to. In other words, maybe I start out with a 50% commission but wish to drop it to 40% this can be done easily in the back office with a drop down box. There is a 30 day money back guarantee so all affiliates would be paid with a 31 day delay.
As mentioned I also want to have multiple campaigns for affiliates, one type of affiliate just receives one tier commissions in the form of 50% on every direct referral, this represents most of my affiliates. I will designate other affiliates of my choice to make the same 50% commission on direct top tier referrals but have the ability to make a residual income on everyone that is signed up under their top tier people with unlimited tiers. I want the scripts to be built from scratch. No prebuilt.
-My confidence that the programmer will build exactly what I need.

Skills: paypal

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