create diverse company documents

create diverse company documents


Job Description


We need to create several documents for a client company.
There are 3 types of documents:

1) Forms:
These are forms in .pdf. We need these to be made in editable .pdf´s so that users can fill in the data and print.

2) Pricing tables:
These are pricing tables also in .pdf
We only have these pricing tables in web pages. We need to create also .pdf´s

3) Diverse lab results:
These are similar to pricing tables but the information is not about prices but about lab results for water quality.
Here is simple, we just need to put these in a new company template.

So, the job will be to:
1) Create a new company template using the company logo (cannot be changed).
2) Use this company template to create the 3 types of documents above.
3) Use the company template to create other stationary items such as envelope, business card, letterhead.

How this will be done:
1) We will show you the existing document files that need to be improved, and the web pages where you will see the pricing tables.
2) You will then check the documents and let us know how long you take and how much you will charge to finish the job.
3) We will hire you and you will start by creating the new design template that will be the base of your work, and one of the editable forms, one of the pricing table documents, and one of the lab results.
These 3 will allow us to understand that you are the right person for the job, or that you are not.
If for some reason you get stuck or you fail to deliver the expected quality we will reserve the right to terminate the hiring.
If you show us that you are the right person, you will continue creating the entire set of documents.
There are 7 pricing documents, and another 8 documents of a mix of forms and lab results pages. All documents are 1 or 2 pages.

The freelancer that we choose for this project will probably have more work for the same client, so we will choose someone that we think that will be stable, available, reasonable pricing and high-quality work.

PS: Please request access to the files so you can give us a timeline and cost. We will open a new fixed price project once we decide who we will be hiring.

Happy bidding.

Skills: design, pdf