ecommerce implementation in php platform

ecommerce implementation in php platform


Job Description

We need to some serious implementation.

We have this nice plugin:

We have implement it in a demo site:

Client :
Password : password

As you can see, you can create invoices and the client can pay the invoice via PayPal.

We need the following change: Instead of using PayPal, we need to replace it with other payment method of a bank of Mexico (Banamex) called e-comm which is based in the TNS platform:

We need a very simple implementation: allow the client to pay via credit card with this system. We are not sure how to do this. It seems that there are two methods to implement this. We want the simplest and easiest.

We only have all the manuals, some example of implementation code, instructions and the required merchant number/affiliate.

Here all all the manuals and some example codes.

In conclusion we need:

1) Implement this payment method in the plugin (the easiest way) or a way to ingrate this without complex structures.

2) The requirements for implementation (the things that you need to implement this method).

Please adjust the budget accordingly if you think it is necessary.

Thank you.