formatting dynamic php generated email for outlook 2007 +

formatting dynamic php generated email for outlook 2007 +


Job Description

This should be a simple job for someone who has the right skill set.

I have a custom wordpress extension that dynamically generates an email.

It is generated using user entered data obtained by a form, php and formatted using html tables.

The sole purpose of the email is to deliver a well formatted, yet simple, gift certificate.

The gift certificate appears to look fine and consistent in most email clients.

However ...

In outlook 2007 (and up from what I read) the client is seeing mal formed emails - specifically the second table (terms and conditions) indented and not being the same width as the table above (the main gift voucher).

I need someone who can look at the source and make the small changes so that the gift certificate appears consistently across email clients (and if you can make it look better than it does now ... well that is a bonus).

Attached is the source code as I see it my version of outlook 2007 (although it appears 'almost' right on mine) AND the source code snippet that generates the email.

This job needs to be done immediately.

Skills: email-support, microsoft-outlook

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