iPhone App Programmer

iPhone App Programmer


Job Description

I am looking to create an iPhone app which allows the user to organise events (e.g going to a bar with friends) by using google maps so that they can give a location, select friends to contact and invite to the event and friends can accept or deny the information. I would love to know how many hours you think it would take you to create this app. I have some knowledge of how programming works and I have learnt HTML5 & CSS3 as a hobby but I do not have any iPhone programming experience. Some of the main elements of the app would be:

Having an account created and stored in a database

Using the google maps api to set locations by search or pressing current location

To send a notification to contacts who also have the app and have been added by the person creating an event

To be able to add friends by search as contacts in a similar way to Skype

I hope that you can let me know roughly how long this would take you (I have no idea whether it would be 10 hours or 200 hours so don't worry if it is a rough estimate) and whether you would be prepared to take this job up!